INSTAGRAM – A life in Squares

After tossing up between a number of different technologies, apps and media platforms, I have decided to focus on Instagram. I’m guessing most people are already aware of this iphone application that has developed into a giant media platform.

And if you’re not aware… Well…. Instagram is a social networking app and website that serves as an online photo and video-sharing platform. Its advantage involves a number of digital filters that can help transform an average photo into something of a photographer’s standard. After the photos have been uploaded the user can then sync with other social networking sites, such as facebook, twitter, tumblr and flickr, making photos easily accessible for viewing across all platforms.

Instagram has become one of the most favoured and marketable social networking sites in its short life span.  After its initial emergence in October 2010, Instagram had grown to 1 million registered users by December. In April 2012, the platform was purchased by Facebook, the largest social networking site to date and with this came increased support. In 2013 “instagram grew by 23% while facebook, the other mother company, only grew by 3%.”


So what is it about Instagram?

Does this mean that Instagram will eventually become the new facebook?

What is it about sharing your life through a series of pictures that appeals to all users?

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