Whoever controls the media controls the mind…

Within the Australian Media landscape, there are a few key stakeholders that hold total control of what is dispersed to the general public. This control of media content has ultimately contributed to the censoring of factual information, which has in turn led to the debate of the media’s incompetency to publish honestly and objectively. The media industry, in my opinion has become a fabricated industry, with the controlling powers dictating what the public should and shouldn’t be exposed to, in light of their own motives.

Media moguls, such as Rupert Murdoch, are exploiting their power in media to disseminate their ideologies into the public realm. The Murdoch Media Empire is the largest Media Company in the Australian market, with News Corp having shares of 70% in Australian newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph, the Herald Sun and the Australian. With Rupert Murdoch’s ascendancy not stopping here, but extending internationally. Murdoch also has control of one third of the media market in Britain, holding ownership of three of the largest daily newspapers.


Source: (Horton, 2013)

Why does this matter?

With Murdoch’s voice dominant in almost all of Australia’s media, the Australian public are only being exposed to a distorted perspective, much like propaganda, or “the gospel according to Rupert” (Horton, 2013).An example of this can be seen from a political stance,“the Murdoch’s 70% media holdings can be turned into 100% control of political discourse” (Horton, 2013).Murdoch not only has a significant impact on elections, but also has the ability to make or break British politicians, unless they conform to his standards.Conclusively, everyday people are being exposed to this “neo-conservatism ideology and his absolute determination to destroy left-of-centre-parties – Labor and the Greens” (Horton, 2013).

Like Murdoch, other media stakeholders have also used their power to exploit what is published, which has generated an almost always skewed and biased view. It is these powerful individuals like Murdoch, that understand that regardless if their information presented is accurate or not, once the message gains authority, media outlets undeniably feed off each other, and it will subsequently become breaking news.

In this media driven society, there has been a loss of integrity, not just from our media sources and those that control it, but also from the greater public, who don’t seek the facts anymore. Society has become more credulous, rather accepting what is being broadcasted without considering the validity or looking for justification.



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2 thoughts on “Whoever controls the media controls the mind…

  1. Very good post! I can tell you researched your information thoroughly but also combined it with your own opinions, which is always a good thing. I quite enjoyed the image too!

    I particularly agree with the bit about the media becoming a fabricated industry with their powers dictating what the public should and shouldn’t do because of their own motives. The media is so powerful that it’s scary!

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