Reflection- where it all started

From the beginning of the BCM110 subject, it was clear I was somewhat bewildered by the fact that our assignments were going to be based around blogging. However, six weeks on, I think I have finally grasped the concept and allowed myself to delve further and further into the research of this multidimensional ongoing process that is the media.

Being bombarded with new ideas, theories and concepts from the weekly lectures that have served as the basis for our blog posts, I have been able to gain a greater awareness of the media and its underlying impact.

It was the first week that I was introduced to the ‘media effects model,’ which is what my first post stemmed from. By getting myself familiar with the model, I was able to develop a basic understanding of the media, and its impact on society. With this, I was able to come to my own conclusions about the media’s impact on individuals, and its accountability on human behavior.

The second week saw the introduction of new key concepts, including the study of semiotics and the underlying denotations, connotations and ideologies.Personally, this was the most interesting for me, as we were allowed total freedom to pick any controversial text/image. I was able to fully immerse myself into research, finding that every image connotes something, whether that be subconscious or intended.

The lecture about media ownership proved to be the most perplexing. While it never occurred to me, who actually controls the media, the video that was shown discussing the interrelated players in the Australian media landscape, was quite complex. I always knew there were key stakeholders, like the Murdoch and Fairfax’s families that had a substantial input in our media saturation, but I never actually realised their ideologies were also being forced into the public sphere.

Ah, the public sphere. My final blog post related to the mediated public sphere.Once I had gotten my head around the control of the media and public sphere. I was able to better understand what actually defines the ‘public sphere.’ (Habermas helped me achieve this.)

The final topic, ‘children and the media’ recapitulated the role media plays in society and the repercussions it has left on the younger generation. The lecture raised discussion about the media’s frequent play on the sexualisation of children, as we discussed the evolutionary representation of Miley Cyrus.

I was yet again introduced to another intriguing concept known as ‘moral panic,’ which has been applied to the growing debate about the media’s damaging influence on individuals, and the media ultimately promoting casualties in society. Conclusively this lecture helped relate everything I have learnt in bcm110.


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