“Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience.” (Jenkins)

The Instagram platform is not classified as a form of transmedia, however it does have the ability to contribute to transmedia narratives through providing effective distribution channels. According to Jenkins, “a media conglomerate has an incentive to spread its brand or expand its franchise across as many different media platforms as possible.”

Today, images as a form of media content have become significantly powerful in the area of promotion and creating awareness (eg. Bring back our girls posters). The Instagram framework makes photo and video sharing available to everyday users as well as massive corporations, enabling participation in the production of content.

In particularly the fashion industry has embraced Instagram as platform of global storytelling. It has become the network of choice for high profile brands because of the inherent visual nature of the app. Brands such as Oscar de La Renta gave fans an exclusive look at its 2013 fall campaign via its release through the app. It is through the use of photos and video installments that Instagram has contributed to transmedia storytelling by enabling parts of the narration to viewed and transferred across different channels eg. to other channels such as facebook, which has subsequently created an experience for users.

Similarly, The band Kings of Leon have used Instagram to promote their new album, Mechanical bull. Clips of new songs have been uploaded, giving viewers a preview. This again has created significant ‘hype’ surrounding the band and their upcoming tour.

By releasing a picture from a campaign or a snippet of a video clip, Instagram is allowing participation through liking, following and creating a large community through the hashtag. The app is fundamentally engaging users, allowing people to revel in the story.


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