… Media Space

When I think about the media space it is confusing and seemingly simple at the same time. Social media has become a major part of our generation, which is why it should be simple to understand and more particularly simple to understand my own media space. For me, I’m not a person who relies heavily on social media nor needs it, I would much rather not be exposed to every little detail of others personal lives.

However, living in this age and studying a media degree I am completely aware that media does and has played a prominent role in people’s personal lives as well as publicly through enterprise.

For example I currently have two jobs one of which is an assistant for a wedding photographer. I should probably mention that the wedding photographer just so happens to be my sister (I guess that’s how I got the job!) you can check her out here

For her she has to rely on social media to get her name/photography work out there and the role I play in this is managing her social media accounts such as Instagram. It is my job to post her photography work to her 25,000 + Instagram audience and answer any forthcoming questions.

This I guess is my own personal experience of the media space. While I am posting photos for this business, which are crossing various individuals’ social networking channels across the globe, I too, at the same time am using my own personal social media accounts to stay connected.



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