When Wi-Fi turns the household into a Warzone

“Fast Wi-Fi more like wheresssssss the Wi-Fi” are the exact words from my 16-year-old brother. I decided to go back and Interview my mum on her experiences with our Broadband network as well as my brother’s so I could gain two very different perspectives, largely based on generational differences.

So Harry, what are your thoughts on our broadband network? Are you satisfied with it? How do you use it? What devices do you favour? as I ask these questions I see his all too familiar facial expressions read that for one he wasn’t all that keen on answering the abundant of questions I had for him but simultaneously I become fully aware that I was about to be hit with a rant.

From my younger brother’s perspective, which is much like my own perspective I should add, the Internet connection we have at home isn’t the best. Now this could largely be based on the number of people living in our household.

Being one of five children, with three still living at home, our parents much like the global citizens they are like to have exchange students in our house all year round. While my brother’s and I fully enjoy/support this experience, it is when we have “THREE at a TIME”, words from my brother, that it becomes a bit of an issue. Your probably thinking that would great, multiculturalism at its finest. I will agree it is great but for our WIFI it is not.

So for example, with five of us already using the WIFI: mum simply surfing the web and preparing for work, dad giving his best efforts at trying to use it, brother number 1 keeping track of his various social media accounts and brother number 2 doing school work and looking up strange YouTube clips, it is safe to say our Internet takes its toll. My brother continues, “on top of this, to add three other students, studying and streaming china TV live and Eurovision, our Internet suffers greatly”.

Our broadband network is not one that allows us to stream videos all the time for leisure it is usually dedicated to studies, though that can be debatable with brother number 1.

When I ask my mother for her take on our broadband network, she has a very different perspective. For my mum, she blames our terrible broadband on the “area”. Living in a coastal suburb with our front yard a few metres from the ocean and our backyard a couple meters from the escarpment, our Internet/broadband is affected greatly by our location. As for NBN, for now that is off limits to our area.

Through these periods when our Wifi dies down its fine we get by… No I’m only joking it’s terrible, it becomes something of a warzone at the Clifford household.


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