Cyberspace = Cyberliberty

Cyberspace has bought a new paradigm where we have seen the end nodes (users) handed the control. What previously functioned as a centralized network has moved to a more distributed one, creating a new kind of space beyond material borders where the free flow of information has prospered. Anyone, anywhere, at anytime is able to contribute to this network thus attributing to this new phenomenon of scale and speed (Mitew, 2016). Indicative of this is the notion of cyberpunk. Originally, cyberpunk began as a literary movement but has become a subcultural organism. Its foundations are built on a high-tech, futuristic, virtual reality and ubiquitous Internet connection. What cyberspace has allowed through genres like cyberpunk is the creation of a platform that boasts collective innovation in a completely libertarian way. It is in these spaces that lines are blurred between the virtual and the reality.



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