The long tail effect


“The internet imposes no barriers to entry, no economies of scale, no limits on supply” Clay Shirky. What began as a platform based on the hit driven model, which imposed limits of scale, entry cost and risk has since moved from hit driven culture to aggregates of niches, meaning it is no longer built off a model of scarcity but rather a platform built on abundance. An example indicative of this transition of models is bookstores and the amazon online bookstore.  While Amazon doesn’t necessarily have a store for consumers to walk through and purchase books, it does however represent infinite shelf space. The problem with this however which relates to the ‘long tail effect’ explains that this space doesn’t allow for the growth of niche content because amazon relies on the mass market ie what is popular and as we have learnt an abundance of information leads to scarcity of attention where niche content is concerned it can be difficult to locate.



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