iOS vs Android


When it comes to technology, particularly mobile phones there are really only two competitors that are concerned – Apple and Android. Apple released its first iphone back in 2007, while android not far behind released their very own HTC version a year later. The difference between these two devices lies in their operating system. Apple is considered a ‘closed device’, meaning it has complete control over the iOS system, control over the app market and control over developers. Android, however is an ‘open device’ which means it has millions of independent operating systems, app developers and independent app markets. iOS and Android today have continued to polarize the market because of the systems they are built on. While android is currently running the race in terms of popularity this may be due to the fact that apple has to compete with the plethora of android devices available today – Samsung, HTC, Motorlla etc. Whether you’re an apple fan or an android fan, it really just comes down to personal preference. So where do you lie?

week 7.png


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