For me who is not fully versed in the technological world (yes I know), I had to find out the meaning behind dark fiber before I could even attempt this post. A dark fibre network or simply dark network is a privately operated optical network that is run directly by its operator over dark fibre leased or purchased from another supplier. Dark fibre networks may be used for private networking, or as Internet access or infrastructure.  This notion is closely relate to the sensation of hackers, botnets and cyberwar.We have learnt that the Internet doesn’t like deletion – well apparently. We are living in a world where our every move is traceable. Whether it is the government spying on us or a person purchasing botnets to gain access to personal information such as credit card details, this data collection has become part of a dynamic system of total surveillance. When it comes to the internet, permission is not needed – people can take what they want and as they please… given you know how to.



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