The internet of things

“The Internet of Things has evolved into a nascent conceptual framework for understanding how physical objects, once networked and imbued with informatic capabilities, will occupy space and occupy themselves in a world in which things were once quite passive.” (Bleecker, 2006). The iOT is understanding how objects start producing and sharing information more actively than humans. An example of this very process is ‘SIRI’ the in-built intelligence assistant that enables iphone users to speak using voice commands. Siri basically has the answer to everything. With the continual technological milestones we are reaching, it is a strange concept to think that we are moving closer and closer to the interaction with objects- buts that technology. They have taken our muscle power and now our mind power as well – scary.


Bleecker, J. (2006) ‘Why Things Matter: A Manifesto for networked objects’


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